Sunday, March 22, 2009

Target Corp loses a long running case in Oklahoma!

Therrien v. Target Corporation

On Feb 19th the case that has bounced around since approx 3/06 was resolved with a verdict against the Target Corporation for $500,000 (+15K in costs).

You might recall that last year it was dismissed after Target put on its case and before Therrien’s case could be presented. The matter was appealed on the basis that the Federal Judge James Payne had not considered the new changes to Oklahoma statutes and had thur ruled incorrectly. So the case was retired with the result that Target lost. (of course they also can appeal)

Briefly: "Plaintiff claims damages for injuries suffered as an invitee upon Defendant’s premises as the result of a criminal assault."

Translation: a good samaritan came to assist a Tarbutt screwup security weenie who was having a problem arresting a shoplifter, and had called out for help from anyone, the helpful customer (Timothy Therrien) ended up knifed and as usual this screwed up company wouldn't compensate the man for his serious injuries.

The moral of this story is: TARGET SUCKS. It was a lot of work for Therrien for a rather low award, but it is nice to finally see that he was the winner in this. You might be interested in knowing that the Target AP Directives were used against Target (I sent them a copy) and also a lot of other AP information was obtained and entered in the case.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Attention Ex-AP's or HQ Employees

If you are a dissatisfied Tarbutt AP secret squirrel or a laid off, or about to be laid off employee, you can always fax the new copy of the Target AP Directives or other interesting documents to Mr. Doe at 801 439-6387 and we can update this site (that should be good for another 2 years of litigation). Or you could just start a blog of your own and publish them and we can put a direct link to them here. This is a good site for new blogs:

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Company Reviews for Target Corporation

In trolling the web I found a site called: Job Vent, I was interested in the Company Reviews for Target Corporation, although you can look up other firms as well.

Here is two comment from the site:

Brandon, FL:
....All LODs are both lazy and incompetent. You never see them out on the sales floor actually doing their jobs. The amount of theft is thru the roof 'cause security is rarely on duty or just too relaxed about it.
Minneapolis, MN:
I've been at headquarters as an exempt employee for 12 plus years. Whatever that means...other than its time to get out.

Things to know before you jump in....
I have the time and experience to know this company has gone down hill over the past five years from an employee perspective. As further proof, I get to see someone leave on a weekly basis in my area. Probably tired of everything I'm going to mention including the Target lingo, workload, and cult. . .

Here is the site, you can pull it up FYI:

As to Target quality quality of employment rated by -5 to +5:
Company Summary (Averages of 11 reviews)

Pay -0.36
Work/Life Balance -1
Respect -2.55
Career Potential/Growth -1.91
Benefits -0.91
Location 1.18
Job Security -1.82
Co-worker Competence -1.82
Work Environment -1.36
Total -10.55

Positive Reviews 2 / Negative Reviews 9

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