Thursday, May 19, 2016

On April 19, 2016, Target Corporation announced that people are welcome to use the bathrooms and fitting rooms of their choice, regardless of their biological gender. Under Target's new policy, a man can decide to visit the women's bathroom or fitting room whenever he chooses, including registered sex offenders! No one can stop him. Besides defying common sense, Target's decision puts guests at risk.   History has shown this is one of the ways sexual predators get access to their victims.

Target Already Had a Solution for Transgender Persons

Our opposition to Target's policy is not about transgender persons.  Its comes from the fact that Target's policy opens the door for sexual predators to take advantage of women and children.  Most Target stores currently have unisex bathrooms.  These bathrooms are available to individuals who self-identify as transgender persons.  But this was not good enough for Target. Target had to show they were "progressive" and "politically correct", even if it meant endangering women and children!

Take Action

This is a defining moment for our society. If Target's policy is allowed to stand, every major retailer will likely adopt a similar policy.  However, if enough of us take action NOW, we can stop this from happening by getting Target to rescind this terrible policy.
We must convince Target that its in the best interest of their company, their shareholders, their customers and the communities they serve to rescind its uni-sex bathroom policy.  Only YOU can make a difference by taking one or more of the actions listed below (just click on a button for the details).
Please note the three most effect steps you can take are to 1) Boycott Target2) Shred Your Red Card and 3) Cancel Your Scripts.